Mission Skill Academy

Flexible Distributed Learning

In the current advancement of technology, higher education has evolved to ensure the alignment of graduates with the vast requirement of industry. At Mission Skill Academy, we strive on providing learners with the latest educational technology environment and infostructure that benefits them in term of time, convenience and updated skills. The Flexible Learning that we offer allows learners to study at their own pace while at the same time having the convenience of retrieving all necessary information in a single portal. Through our learning portal, learners would be able to benefit from our asynchronous learning design. The course materials were created with andragogical approach- enabling learners to relate with their own experience in achieving each learning outcomes. All materials were created by our experienced subject experts.


Our aim is to be a learning hub that provides Academic, Vocational, and Life-Long Learning programmes to enhance student qualifications, skills, and employability.

Blended Learning

We provide students with qualifications of lower levels such as Certificates, Diploma’s up to qualification of higher level such as Bachelors, Masters and PhD’s through Blended Learning. We believe hybrid learning (online and offline learning) is the way forward and provides opportunities for students all around the globe.

Working Hours

Monday – Friday : 09.00 – 18.00 Hrs
Saturday               : 09.00 – 14.00 Hrs


No 13-2, Jalan OP ½, One Puchong Business Park, Puchong, Selangor. 47160
Phone : (+6) 03 8075 0912
Whatsapp : (+6) 01 2648 8011
Email : info@elearning4u.com

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